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Undergraduate Minor

The Children’s Studies minor at Illinois State University was established in 2003 to educate future professionals who are interested in concepts of childhood and/or will be working with children. The program utilizes interdisciplinary approaches to understanding children and concepts of childhood. Core courses include child development and the history of the American family. Students also take courses in the Humanities/Fine Arts and the Social Sciences so that they can learn various  approaches to both the study of childhood and how children are represented in and  participate in the arts.

Course Requirements

  • A minimum of 24 hours, including FCS 112 or HIS 112 or SOC 112 and one of the following: FCS 101; PSY 301; TCH 210.
  • The remaining 18 hours must include a minimum of 2 courses from Group A and a minimum of 2 courses from Group B.
  • Group A-Humanities and Fine Arts: ART 204, 208; ENG 170, 271, 272, 370, 372, 373, 374, 375; MUS 277, 278, 371; DAN 229, 283; THE 281, 282.
  • Group B-Social Sciences: CJS 215; CSD 115, 175; FCS 231; 233; 250; HIS 261, 262, 330; POL 339; PSY 213, 215, 302, 346; SOC 262, 318; TCH 233, 233A01.
  • With permission of the minor advisor the following categories of courses may be counted toward the minor; if arranged or offered through a department or school:
    • 3 hours of an internship with a child-related agency.
    • 3 hours of an independent study on a child-related topic.
    • 3 hours of a special topics course on a child-related topic.
  • NOTE: Students may count no more than 9 hours from their major’s department towards the completion of this minor.

Please note that these requirements are for the 2010-2012 course catalog. Students enrolled under prior catalogs should check with one Children's Academic Advisor for those requirements.

For questions about the minor in Children's Studies, please contact Dr. Roberta Trites

Did you know?

The Children's Studies Minor is designed to compliment the Reading Endorsement in C&I!

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